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YouTubers are the celebrities of today. Experience what it's like to sit in front of the camera and shoot your own vlog, funny viral or let's play video and engage thousands of followers on youtube! You must have a few original ideas in your head. Stay at home, create your own youtube channel, vlog, stream, try to create your own reviews and unboxing videos, and watch as the views, subscribers, and comments stack up. You can now get quality basic equipment without the need for a large investment. If you do not have a modern smartphone or camera with Full HD or 4K Ultra HD video, choose one of our cameras that are on special offer. A suitable tripod or stabiliser is an absolute must. You will need a microphone and an acoustic screen to capture the sound. With an audio converter, you will get sound of the required quality into a computer, then it's just about cutting, adjusting and combining the image and sound into the final shape.

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