The list of top 10 hottest news of summer 2019

This hot apocalypse is fortunately almost over and we can look back on the news that prevented us from dying this summer. This is the best ice cold 10:

10 - Rock Off

You should throw you torn up and 100x washed Guns N'Roses T-Shirt into the trash and finally get somethin pretty. For example brand new Guns N'Roses T-Shirt that we have in 6 sizes and many colours. And besides, your old T-Shirt has shrunk ynd you're not "M" anymore

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9 - Novox Mobilite

It is apparent from the title, that there's something mobile nbut at first I was under the impression that it's a mobile heater with microphone. That intrigued me so I plugged it in. It plays without hesitation, even my stuttering colleague started to speak fluently into it. Great thing for spoken word - if you have something to say. If you don't, nevermind - it also plays music.


Aiaiaaai - that's exactly the sound I made, when I frist tried these headphones on. On one hand, you can put them together from individual parts (earpads, construction, cable) on the other hand they cover my prominent ears. At the same time they deliver a chillingly good sound, ideal for summer.

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7 - Kemper Profiler Stage

In the beginning there were only analog effects. Then the digital ones cam into fashion and took over the world. Then the same world found out that those analog ones are still better somehow and came back to analog. And then a Kemper came about. Now it's not only available in rack version but as a pedalboard as well. Pure digital beauty.

6 - Snake Oil

The snake oil is made by pressing the cold snake and is used exclusively to regain hair growth. It doesn't work at all. What works perfectly are two fuzz/booster pedals from Chapman. We tried them in the office and our hair really started to grow. Only from nose and ears for now, but we'll keep on testing and will let you know. But the sound is like a hard Brexit "Made in England"

komplete audio 1
komplete audio 1

5 - Yamaha PSR SX700 and 900

7 inch touchscreen on this keyboard has better picture than your grandma's TV and the sound of the organ is better than the one at her wedding. Yamaha once again overcompensates and they put all the newest parts into this SX series just to pity their competitors. We think it worked out!

4 - KRK Rokit G4

Krk is an island in the adriatic sea and as far as we know it has nothing in common with the studio equipment. Yellow membranes of these studio monitors are made from kevlar a that is the exact material from which the bullet proof vests are made. You can get a bullet proof monitors for the price of regular ones - and that's a catch!

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3 - Focusrite - sound cards of 3rd generation

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Every generation thinks that they are the "last goode one" a it's never true. The first stone age parents started this claim while their kids invented the first hand axe. "Hey, look mother, what is that kid of ours playing with again. What will become of him?" 3rd generation Focusrite is the proof that audio interfaces are getting better with every generation and the home studios are producing even better and more professional sound.

2 - Fender Vintera

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Into the new era but with vintage legacy goes Fender with its Vintera series. Strat, Tele, Jaguar, Mustang and both cult bassguitars, Precission and Jazz, are dressed in dirty colours with the vintage smell and that's why we love Fender. Well, not because of the smell, that was a figure of speech. You get the picture.

1 – And on the first place on our list is *drum roll* ......

Company named Roland which to everyone's surprise ressurected their Fantom synthesizers. As I am writing this list, there is an information embargo on them, so I'm only allowed to say on thing: Fantom is back!

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