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One guy 2000 years ago could turn water into wine. Blowing something out of proportion is almost every company boss's specialty. But to make a speaker out of a guitar was just managed in 2019. By French. The LAG company introduced a technology that breaks all the rules of electro-acoustic guitars. You don't need cable or amp, no need for pedalboard, looper, tuner or metronome. You just need the HyVibe technology.

It looks like a builtin preamp with display but it can do so much more. The sound picked up from guitar is sent back to the resonant board by the HyVibe, which not only amplifies the sound of the guitar but also can fully replace a pedalboard, looper or wireless speaker. Hivybe has a great multieffect processor, which will greatly improve the sound of guitar and the top board will increase the overall volume without the need for an amp. You don't even need a cable? What for?

Sound effects like reverb, chorus, echo, pitch-shifter and distortion will come out straight off the top board even if you're sitting by the fire somewhere off the grid. There's a builtin metronome and a looper with 8GB of memory. And that's not all. Switch the guitar to "speaker" mode and connect the muaic player in your via bluetooth and you have a speaker out of your guitar. If you connect the guitar with an app in your phone, you can not only change the parameters of the effects, but you can create your own recording studio with real-time equaliser as well. Of course you can plug you guitar into an amp with the output jack but this is a first guitar with an input jack. Send audio signal to your guitar and play along your favourite backing tracks.

HyVibe is a proof that evolution is neverending. Well, it's better to see once then read twice - watch the video

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