Rollerblade Spark 84 W Strawberry/Lime 25/39

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Rollerblade Spark 84 W Strawberry/Lime 25/39

Skates for women who prefer active rest and want to improve fitness or shape curves on the body. They are equipped with a twinblade aluminum frame that provides excellent stability and maneuverability, True Wrap technology of 2 different hard layers that perfectly surrounds the foot, increases stability and comfort. The 5 Star Fit removable shoe ensures high comfort and excellent ventilation. They have a FIT fastening system with asymmetric lacing, which adapts perfectly to the foot and holds it firmly. Satisfy those who start with skating and even more advanced skaters who want to increase the level of driving.

  • Wheels: Rollerblade 4 x 84 mm / 84 A
  • Bearings: SG5
  • Frame: Twinblade Aluminium
  • Brake: yes

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