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LAMAX T6 Car Camera

Dash Cam / Car Cameras | Product code: T6-LAMAX | ID: 315597

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LAMAX T6 Car Camera



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LAMAX T6 Car Camera

Full HD resolution compact dashcam with magnetic holder. Protect yourself and your car on the road. The LAMAX T6 has it all - full HD resolution provides detailed evidence and a 140° wide-angle lens captures the action in your lane and up ahead. Daily use is made easy with the magnetic GPS holder and all footage can be transferred fast using the built-in Wi-Fi and smartphone app. Thanks to its small size, the camera never obstructs the driver’s view and is easy to carry.

The LAMAX T6 reliably shoots everything that is happening in front of the vehicle within an angle of 140 degrees. The 1920x1080 pixel video resolution is perfect for capturing details such as number plates or the faces of other drivers and passers-by. When something happens on the road, you’ll get conclusive and clear evidence of your innocence.

Just clip in and go. The magnetic holder makes daily setup a breeze. Once attached to the glass, you just connect and disconnect the camera. Begin shooting as soon as you get in without having to adjust to the right angle or deal with a tangle of cables.

It's easy to download images to your phone over Wi-Fi. Plus, the smartphone app lets you edit the video, control the camera and watch the output in real time. Easily adjust to the ideal settings and angle on a larger display. On a computer, you can analyze every journey using the GPS player. In addition to the video, you can view GPS records, speed and map position.

The LAMAX T6 can take a memory card of up to 128GB. This means it can store up to 24 hours of recordings. In addition, the camera sorts the shots and automatically deletes the oldest if the memory becomes full. Shots can be protected with a single touch to prevent them from being deleted. Plus, the camera G-Sensor can detect an impact and instantly lock the video. This allows you to record every second of your ride, offering complete protection.

Fast fluctuations between light and dark is a challenge for every camera. Shadows and darkness are unavoidable in a tunnel and passing down an alley. The LAMAX T6 has a high-quality chip and optics with WDR functionality to help with low-light conditions. Important objects such as number plates or technical inspection stickers remain legible even if you are dazzled by an oncoming car.

No more speculation about speed. You get the camera plus a GPS magnetic mount. This enable you to see exactly how fast you were travelling in the video. In the event of an incident you’ll have evidence to hand that you have not violated any regulations. The LAMAX T6 helps you resolve disputed situations.

  • Loop recording: The camera records video in individual sequences and automatically deletes the oldest if necessary. As a result, the memory is never full.
  • G-sensor: This sensor constantly monitors the direction of travel and detects a possible impact in seconds. When this happens, the footage is locked against being deleted.
  • File protection: You can lock the shots with a single touch to prevent them from being erased automatically. You can unlock them at any time.
  • WDR (Wide Dynamic Range): Wide Dynamic Range ensures a more balanced contrast with changes in light and shade. This is useful when entering a tunnel and approaching oncoming vehicles in the dark.
  • Motion detection: The camera starts recording when it detects motion. This is useful when parking.
  • Simple installation: With the LAMAX T6, almost all mounting is eliminated. Once you’ve set up the mount, you just connect and disconnect the camera using the unique magnetic attachment.
  • Full HD resolution: Maximum details = maximum amount of evidence. High-quality chip and optics deliver reliable sharp images.
  • 1,5" display: Clear legible display makes controlling the camera a breeze. In addition, the menu is completely in English.
  • Night visuon: Even at night, the LAMAX T6 protects. Poor conditions and darkness are no obstacle to clear crisp video.
  • Wide 140°angle of view: Wide-angle lens ensures that everything important fits into shot - both directions and the surrounding area.
  • GPS: With Google Maps and a special player, you can watch the detailed progress of your entire journey on your PC. In addition to the coordinates and trajectory of the car, you will always see the current, average and maximum speeds.
  • Wi-Fi: Video footage is transferable via Wi-Fi. LAMAX T6 footage can be transferred via the built-in Wi-Fi.
  • Mobile application: Simply pair the camera to your smartphone, and, using the HQBKiNG app, you get instant access to your dashcam footage. The app is available for all phones and tablets running Android or iOS, and it enables the camera to be controlled remotely so you can turn it on, stop recording or adjust basic settings.
  • Pack Contents: LAMAX T6 dashcam, GPS holder with 3M adhesive pad, 2 x spare 3M adhesive pad, Car charger, Mini USB PC cable, Mini USB charging cable (3m), Cloth carry bag, Microfibre cloth, manual
  • Video resolution: 1920 x 1080 30FPS, 1280 x 720 30FPS
  • Angle of View: 140°
  • Screen Size: 1,5"
  • Memory Type: Micro SD up to 128 GB
  • Video Format: MP4
  • Time Stamp
  • GPS
  • G-sensor
  • Connectivity: WiFi / mini USB
  • System: MS Windows / MAC OS
  • Input Voltage: 5 V
  • Night Vision
  • Battery Capacity: 180 mAh
  • Operating Temperature: -5°C - 40°C

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